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gps-intro.jpgWe are authorized distributors for the major vendors of GIS and Mapping Solutions such as ESRI, Laser Technologies, Ashtech, and Trimble.

We have a wide range of products and accessories that represent the state of the art in GIS mapping.

You might be interested in having a look at our solutions, that include integrated, tested combinations of equipments for the most common GIS/Mapping scenarios.

Product Categories

4D Cam

4D Cam

4D Cam is an exciting new application which harnesses the convergent technologies built into Xplore Pen Computers to manage digital photos and JPG images in association with your field team's workflow.

Using the Xplore Pen Tablet and 4D Cam you can now seamlessly capture photos, crop and mark up images, label the images to show date, time and location data.

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Field Computers

Mobile Computers

Field Computers revolutionized the mapping and surveying professions, allowing to collect and process data while in the field, streamlining workflows and increasing productivity to unthinkable levels.

However, real world surveying and mapping demands rugged, versatile equipment, able to resist tough environments.

Field computers are specifically designed to meet stringent military standards for drops, vibration and temperature extremes. They come along with standard operating systems, like Windows Mobile and have wireless capabilities that streamline your workflow. By using industry standard applications, they simplify data collection and back-office processing activities, allowing for operating costs reductions.

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GPS Equipment

With GPS now a proven, mature technology, the number of product alternatives and options can become overwhelming.

The 4D Global team has the experience to identify the best technology available for alternative uses and budgets.

We work with the major GPS brands including Garmin, Ashtech, Trimble, and Hemisphere

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Field Cameras

Field Cameras

Field Cameras provide the GIS Professional with a platform for powerful digital photography, full networkability, and the intelligence to relate images to information.

4D Global also provides associated solutions for workflows with GPS positioning and barcode scanning.

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Laser Rangefinders

Laser Rangefinders

With current state-of-the-art laser rangefinders, professionals can streamline workflows, simplify field-data-collections, and easily store data into a data base for future reference, reporting, and final delivery.

We are authorized distributors of best-of-breed products such as the LaserTech's TruePulse® product line. With a built-in compass, this unit allows for the measurement of slope distance, inclination, and azimuth as well as position any remote feature with just one shot.

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Software plays a central role in GIS technology and can have a major impact in your productivity and running costs.

GIS field software can be used with your field equipment. Tightly integrated with office software to perform post-processing functions on data collected from the field, it can produce highly useful mapping information.

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Survey Equipment

Survey Equipment

Quality and durability of survey equipment is key for deliverying consistent and accurate results.

Accurate surveying ensures repeating assignments and durable equipment means less maintenance costs and higher productivity.

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Miscellaneous Equipment

Miscellaneous Equipment

As part of our commitment to provide our customers with end-to-end solutions, we offer a range of equipments like docking stations, mounting systems and special cables.

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From special adapters to custom made cables, we provide a complete portfolio of accessories to accomplish tasks such as surveying, stockpile inventories, forestry, telco mesasurement or just trekking.

We help our clients preserve the equipments and get the most out of them.

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