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Ricoh G800 Digital Camera

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The RICOH G800 was created for the demanding professional. To the water, dust, and shock resistance necessary for hard work-site use, chemical resistance has now been added. The wide range of functions includes a CALS mode useful for electronic data submission and a password camera lock capability. Attaining new levels of reliability, this true tool represents the crystallization of Ricoh technology.


Tough enough for the roughest worksite

Impact resistant 

Tough body with heightened impact resistance passes the 2.0 m drop test

Although light and compact, the RICOH G800 features a tempered front lens element and protection at key points, tough enough to withstand the Pentagon MIL Standard 810F 2.0 meter drop test on all 26 surfaces (6 sides, 8 corners,and 12 edges) even when on.


IPX 8 water resistance, good to depths of 5 m for up to 2 hours.  
With Class 8 JIS/IEC water resistance, the RICOH G800 can take photographs for 2 hours at depths of 5 meters. Use it on wet worksites or in the rain—just rinse the dirt off afterwards. 
Toughness that shines on harsh jobs.

Class 6 JIS/IEC dust resistance keeps out the dust and sand. Able to withstand temperatures as low as −10 °C, the RICOH G800 can be used in cold environments.


Sodium hypochlorite, ethanol or liquid chlorine dioxide can be used in addition to water wash to keep the camera cleaned and ready for use under any conditions.

Long-lasting battery, good for around 400 shots

The supplied rechargeable battery can be used for about 400 shots* without recharging. A sync mode that turns the monitor off when it is not in use further reduces the drain on the battery.  *Measured according to CIPA guidelines.

Also takes AAA alkaline batteries

In place of the supplied high-capacity rechargeable battery, the RICOH G800 can also be used with widely-available AAA alkaline batteries, which have enough power for about 40 shots.*  Use AAA batteries as backups for long photo sessions or in case the main battery runs out. *Measured according to CIPA guidelines. Actual endurance varies widely with shooting conditions.

Attach filters


Third-party filters 37 mm in diameter can be used to protect the lens from scratches and condensation. Use polarizing filters to reduce reflections.

Wide, long neck strap


Long enough to be worn across the chest, the strap is broad and rugged. It can also be worn around the neck so that the camera can easily be placed in a breast pocket.

Use without taking off your gloves

Designed for ease of use in gloves, the RICOH G800 features large switches and a simplified control layout.

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