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go_tracking_screen_1.jpgKnowing the whereabouts of mobile assets such as trailers, containers or mobile generators can be a challenge for transport operators. Go Technologies - Go Tracking mobile, resource management platform, can pinpoint the exact location of mobile assets to offer greater piece of mind.

4D Global is a specialist provider of GPS tracking products, fleet management solutions, and safety solutions to both the trucking and automotive industries. Its GoTracking hardware and software solutions provide comprehensive management tools focused on the reduction of operational and maintenance costs, increased mobile asset utilisation, optimised planning and scheduling of job assignments, and overall enhanced mobile resource safety.


The Go Tracking series is a comprehensive suite of tracking hardware suitable for all types of vehicles and equipment. A comprehensive range of accessories and additional services can be added or implemented to increase the functionality and benefits of a Go Tracking solution.

A trailer with a GT-828T trailer tracking system on board may be programmed to operate as a typical vehicle tracking system providing periodic position updates every five minutes, or as required, when the trailer is connected to a truck. When the trailer is untethered the system switches to a low power mode and operates off its own internal battery.

The GT-828T is water and dust proof and rated to IP67. It has been specifically designed to meet the harshest operating conditions. Currently, the system is being successfully used across several industries which include utilities, logistics, pharmaceuticals and emergency response.

Go Tracking Software

The Go Tracking system is operated through a web-based Mobile Resource Management system, which enables access from any location. Automatic Vehicle Location (AVL) provides a mapped display of a vehicles current and past locations, as well as a suite of reports detailing vehicle and driver activities, vehicle events and vehicle maintenance related information. This Microsoft Silverlight web browser based platform provides operators with a powerful but user friendly interface that can be used in numerous languages. It uses the latest Navteq mapping which covers all of Australia and a range of state-of-the-art technology to compile information and reports. These reports can be exported in many formats and operators can schedule reports to be generated and emailed automatically as often as the user requires.

The system also allows transport operators to analyse driver behaviour and identify drivers who are impacting on the vehicle’s efficiency and operating or maintenance costs.


A variety of on-line planning and scheduling tools are provided to transport operators through the Go Tracking system. Used in conjunction with geofences these can be used to determine if equipment is on site and on time. Go Technologies has built its reputation on supplying innovative, quality products to some of the worlds best known automotive brands and commercial businesses.
A comprehensive product range includes the Go Tracking range of Vehicle and Asset Tracking solutions, Multimedia systems, Camera and Safety solutions, Tyre Pressure Monitoring Systems and much more...


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