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Pythagoras is state-of-the art CAD software for Land Surveying and Civil Engineering. It is one of the most Powerful and Intuitive applications ever designed.

Specialized Drawing tools, Cogo functions and Design tools are all tightly integrated in a Complete Standalone package that runs on either PC or Macintosh.

It's easy to use, so you'll be up and running in no time.

From Field To Finish

pyt6.jpgPythagoras reads in ascii files and/or data from just about any data collector or total station. Pythagoras can even draw parts of your job for you. If you incorporate field commands as you collect data, Pythagoras can automatically draw symbols, lines, curves and more.

Pythagoras can automatically separate data into layers and colors, helping you organize your job quickly. And yes, Pythagoras can do Traverse adjustments for raw field data. Pythagoras makes Stakeout very simple: create complete stakeout reports or data files that can be downloaded to your data collector, using only a few mouse clicks.



Powerful Integrated Drawing and Calculation Tools

pyt5.jpgPythagoras contains all the drawing and calculation tools a surveyor or civil engineer would ever need. But more importantly, it works and thinks like a surveyor and engineer, making it very intuitive and easy to use and learn.

Object snapping and context-specific input fields provide a consistent user interface for all geometric construction functions. The Control Panel instantly pops up any information you need when you simply move the cursor over an object. Switch between English and Metric dimensions or switch between user coordinate systems, on the fly. Use the built-in Transformation function to project data between any coordinate system, using two or more known points.


Custom Symbols, Line Types, Hatch Patterns

Create your own mapping symbols, line types and hatch patterns. Pythagoras handles the most simple and the most complex symbols with the same ease. Symbols, line types and hatch pattern can be made in paper dimensions, if needed. The printed size will remain unchanged whenever you change the scale of your drawing. Line types can also be used for circular curves, circles and polylines.

Image Management

Pythagoras allows you to import, view, scale and plot raster images (pictures). Use any Raster Image from Photogrammetric Imagery to USGS Quads, Satellite images, photos captured with a digital camera or scanned drawings. Raster Images provide an ideal backdrop for mapping, design and land planning and results in more powerful presentations that make your projects easier to understand and help you get your projects approved faster. Raster images can also be use to perform heads-up digitizing.

Digital Terrain Modeling, Contouring, Volume Calculations

pyt3.jpgPythagoras creates a surface by forming a Triangulated Irregular Network (TIN) or Digital Terrain Model (DTM) from 3D data points and/or break lines and curves. And Pythagoras calculates extremely fast. A TIN made up of tens of thousands of data points, can be calculated in a matter of seconds. Once you have created the DTM, you can have Pythagoras instantly draw contour lines, cut cross-sections, calculate slope intercepts or calculate ground volumes. Pythagoras can easily calculate accurate volumes between two DTM surfaces or from a DTM to a known elevation. Experiment with different layouts quickly and easily to find the perfect design. Or verify the accuracy visually, by having Pythagoras create a birds-eye (3D) view of your project from any angle or perspective.



Road Design

py2.jpgPythagoras creates a surface by forming a Triangulated Use the Pythagoras Road Design module to design roads, streets or multi-lane highways. Cross-sections are instantly constructed on the fly and can be viewed anywhere along the alignment. Cross sections and earthwork volumes are updated automatically every time the alignment, templates, or the DTM surface is changed. This allows you to generate complete reports including cut and fill volumes, profiles and cross sections, and perform sophisticated mass haul analyses, saving you hours of tedious work.


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