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Mapstar Angle Encoder

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Mapstar Angle Encoder

The MapStar Angle Encoder calculates a turned horizontal angle that can be referenced to any desired point or direction. It works in conjunction with LTI's laser rangefinders for complete 3D position measurements with X, Y and Z coordinates.

The modular design allows you to pivot the laser a full 90 degrees up or down while maintaining the rotary encoder level, providing the greatest possible accuracy.

When tripod-mounted, you can obtain measurements accurate to 0.05 degrees. So when you encounter a situation where there is minimal room for error, LTI's Angle Encoder is an ideal tool outside of investing extensive time and money into owning and operating a total station. For increased versatility, the system's data output format is compatible with most field data collection software and even GPS.

One of the major advantages to the MapStar Angle Encoder is that it is not affected by local magnetic interference. There are so many applications, like urban environments for example, where you may need to make 3 dimensional measurements but can't use an electronic compass because your surroundings could compromise your accuracy.

Key features

  • Includes a built-in "Missing Line" feature that automatically calculates the distance between two remote targets.
  • Provides industry leading angular accuracy.
  • Assists in the aiming and leveling process by using audible and visual indicators.
  • Integrates with all LTI rangefinders as well as GPS and popular data collectors.

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