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Mapstar Compass Module II

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Mapstar Compass Module II

This electronic compass works in conjunction with any of LTI's laser rangefinders and is compatible with most field data collection software and GPS systems. The two built-in RS232 serial ports allow the MapStar Compass Module to accept data from the rangefinder and export all necessary position data into a data collector.

You can now collect azimuth measurements with a level of accuracy like no other. Its modular design produces highly accurate results because you can pivot the laser +/- 90 degrees while maintaining the compass sensor head level.

Calibration in the field takes less than a minute, with a steady audio tone to guide you as you rotate the compass 360 degrees. This procedure is quite unique because it was designed by our very own engineers, which gives us more control and you more flexibility. This also means it does not rely upon any support from the manufacturer of the compass sensor.

Key features

  • Includes a "Missing Line" feature that automatically calculates the distance between any two remote targets.
  • Allows for you to set specific parameters from your PC and toggle on your personal configuration in the field.
  • Assists in aiming and leveling with the use of audible and visual indicators.
  • Integrates seamlessly with all LTI's laser rangefinders and compatible software.

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