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The world’s most widely-used remote sensing software package for creating information from geospatial data


ERDAS IMAGINE®, the world’s leading geo spatial data authoring system, incorporates geo spatial image processing and analysis, remote sensing, and GIS capabilities into a single powerful, convenient package. ERDAS IMAGINE enables users to easily create value-added products such as 2D and 3Dimages, 3D flythrough movies, and cartographic-quality map compositions from geospatial data.

Featuring a ribbon interface and custom workflow tabs so you can consolidate your favourite tools, ERDAS IMAGINE makes it easier to access what you need to work efficiently and productively. ERDAS IMAGINE also provides advanced tools for parallel batch processing, spatial modelling, map production, mosaicking, and change detection.

In addition, ERDAS IMAGINE also incorporates the ERDAS ER Mapper algorithms, many Geo Media utilities, and implements OGC standards. Available in three different product tiers, ERDAS IMAGINE provides an ideal solution for a broad range of organizations and projects so everyone can achieve superior results

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