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GeoMedia Smart Client

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Harness the power of geography and jumpstart business critical workflows with an enterprise-wide smart asset management solution


Smart Client is a smart mapplication that connects and equips all users with the power of geography and provides the utilities for constructing and delivering highly-constrained map-based workflows for use in the office or field.

Allowing businesses to meet the needs of multi-disciplinary operations, Smart Client affordably enables users to access and use rich geospatial data in their business processes. Even non-GIS-experts can exploit the advanced GIS functionality in various useable and smart ways.

This enterprise-wide smart GIS seamlessly integrates into customised workflows allowing you to usher in the best geospatial business workflows, providing a level of sophistication not supplied by legacy out-of-the-box horizontal software products.

With Smart client, you are provided a platform to produce key visualisations for the purpose of inspiring progressive business critical workflows and developing the understanding of a changing Earth.

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