Xplore D10

The Key To Smart Cities

When the built world in a digital framework merges with the built environment.  Combining BIM, GIS and 3D geospatial digital scanning technologies, provides accurate, reliable data in a virtual reality.


” Depth & accuracy of asset assessment, data accessibility and dynamic analysis, are the keys to reliable asset life cycle & financial modelling.”


Best practice process & procedural standards are critical to produce reliable data sets. Our team of highly experienced &  skilled field technicians are led by engineers, surveyors & building consultants whose sole focus is to ensure that your team have accurate, dynamic data that you can rely on.


The future of asset management is reality modelling; the fusion of BIM, GIS and 3D geospatial digital scanning technologies. Words & numbers convert to scale, form, dimension, location etc in direct relation to the environment. Your team, stakeholders and the public alike, will be more informed and engaged than ever before.


Our field technology is fast, accurate, & super efficient…economical. We log our field data directly into i7 Motion tablet PC’s loaded with our own proprietary software which allows us to sequentially tag & hyperlink data directly on the plan, map and report with high resolution digital photographic & thermal images from various devices such as UAV / drone aerial inspection & pipe video cameras, 3D laser scanning and GPR, all of which are high resolution & GIS enabled.


All of our deliverables can be tailored to suit your exact requirements, including report formatting, asset life cycle analysis, building use, category grading, condition rating, remedial strategies, justification, quantities & estimates in addition to the usual condition assessment inputs. Furthermore our data can be filtered by any of the data inputs to suit your purpose.

“We turn data into virtual reality.”

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