4D Global offers a range of GPS and GNSS training options, including practical sessions developed and delivered by Peter Terrett, a leader in the Australian Geospatial industry. Peter has extensive experience across complex survey projects and is a respected expert in GPS and GNSS deployment being one of the first to use GPS in Australia in 1986. With more than 3,000 experts trained Australia-wide, we not only to guide you through real-life scenarios, but also offer hands-on experience.

Our training provides a ‘hands on’ approach to teach you how your equipment operates, and how to effectively apply it to a wide range of tasks. Additionally, we bring you and your team up to speed on the latest GPS/GNSS information, and provide a one-day course on GPS Fundamentals and Field Applications, focusing on GPS positioning, navigation and data capture for mapping.

Who would benefit from 4D Global training?
  • Engineers
  • Tech professionals
  • Those who install, use, and debug GPS/GNSS
  • Navigation/positioning-reliant personnel, as well as GNSS support personnel.
    For example:

    • Surveyors
    • Marine workers
    • Navigation officers
    • Fleet drivers and managers
    • Emergency Services staff
    • Search and rescue
    • Pilots
    • Scientists
    • Support staff
    • Marketing and sales


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