Field Software

Given the growth in technology, coupled with the power of GPS and field computers. We continue to see custom applications develop. Software specifically designed to streamline end-to-end workflows. Significantly increasing productivity as a result.

4D Global understands the need to seamlessly integrate field data in the office. Particularly, so you can process collected data with ease.

Accordingly, we offer several powerful, yet affordable, software applications. With data security and integrity at the forefront. The 4D Global approach is to understand your workflow. As well as the equipment you intend to use. In order to design the right set of components. Providing a solution that allows you to collect, process and present information without delay. At the same time increasing quality assurance while reducing errors.

In addition to the software applications developed within the RapidMap Global Group of Companies. 4D Global also offers software from the following providers:

Iconyx applications
MapInfo applications
Hexagon applications
Pythagoras CAD+GIS applications
MicroSurvey Field Genius applications
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