At 4D Global we understand sometimes it is easier to rent equipment. Perhaps you want to try a specific piece of equipment before making a purchase. Or, maybe you need special equipment for a once-off job.

Renting from 4D Global is a great way to control your overhead inventory and expenses. Freeing up working capital and is a cost-effective way to secure industry-leading technology, while minimising downtime and maximising productivity.

If you are looking to improve your business’s bottom line, then looking into renting is a good idea!

Based on our extensive in-the-field experience across several industries and disciplines. We have created a modern set of rental-based solutions, covering all aspects and requirements for detailed data activities in the field and office.

With the 4D Global rental fleet you can choose the best equipment for your specific project with our expertise to guide you.

We take care of all the equipment maintenance and updates, meaning you get the most value from your rental.

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