At 4D Global we understand that in reality, from time-to-time, your business may not always have the required cash flow. Be that as it may, your technology requirements won’t go away. In fact, the longer you wait, the bigger the gap. For this reason we offer convenient financing options. Therefore making it easier to buy the products you need today.

Undoubtedly, technology financing is great way to ensure you don’t fall behind in the tech space. Allowing you to purchase regardless of your cash flow. Further providing flexibility in terms of balance sheets, cash flow, tax planning, and updating technology.

Overall benefits include:

Easy Accounting

Since payments are fixed monthly they only appear as P&L expense

Unsecured Facility

What’s more, we only take security over the asset we finance


Upgrade, add or delete equipment during the term of agreement

OpEx Funding & Reporting

Because your purchase is OpEx, you will not not impact the CapEx budget

Preserve Cash Flow

Above all, you can spread the cost over the term of the agreement

Easy Budgeting

Likewise payments are fixed through the term of the agreement

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