Field Mobility

Xplore Technologies

Advances in mobile technology are empowering work forces. Now, more than ever, businesses are better positioned to reduce costs, raise productivity, and generate revenue. By providing your staff with the and functionality they require, regardless of their location. At the same time delivering a superior service to meet customer demand. 

Indeed, the days of conducting business only from an office desk are long gone. Accordingly, field mobility solutions continue to transform the service industry. Especially with real-time field visibility of the field through Wi-Fi and GPS connectivity. In fact, deploying versatile  mobile computing solutions is the best way to prevent errors in data. Increasing customer satisfaction, as well as preventing delays in work order completion. At the same time as expediting both planned and unplanned fieldwork.

4D Global is proud to partner with the leading rugged mobile computer manufacturers. We offer a full range of field tablet PCs, 2-in-1 and handheld devices and accessories.

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