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Ozri 2019

Ozri 2019 We’re thrilled to announce that 4D Global and Eos Positioning Systems have been announced as platinum partners for the upcoming Australian Esri User Conference – Ozri 2019.As well as exhibiting at the event, 4D Global Managing Director Peter Terrett will be...

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Webinar: Total cost of ownership

Rugged Tablet Actual Cost Webinar Field service organisations have used a lot of different techniques over the years to communicate with their techs. Everything from dispatch lists on paper that are handed out in the morning, phone calls during the day back and forth...

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Is it better to rent or buy?

Is it better to rent or buy? Equipment costs can make a large dent in the budget of a small business. So, is it better to rent or buy what you need to operate?Given the circumstances of every business differ, there’s no simple answer unfortunately. In this blog we...

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Eos and the Port of Auckland

Eos and the Port of Auckland At the Port of Auckland in New Zealand, construction is occurring almost daily. The port sends a field crew to ensure that real on-the-ground construction is occurring according to the designs. To do this, the port uses the Eos Arrow Gold...

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AML Demonstration

Book an AML Demonstration We’re thrilled to announce that Joe Weiland from Subsurface Instruments will be visiting Australia later this month to showcase the AML range.Joe will be on the RapidMap booth at the IPWEA Conference in Tasmania (August 25 -29 2019) and will...

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Tablet Vibration Testing

Vibration Testing Your rugged tablet is designed to be mobile. Even if you take the upmost care, most days it will spend time travelling via foot, vehicle, public transport, airplanes or heavy machinery. All of which deliver constant vibration. Even if your tough...

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Smart Cities and Digital Transformation

Smart cities and digital transformation  The northern suburbs of Melbourne are buzzing with enthusiasm due to Smart Cities initiatives — funded and encouraged by Federal and State Government. The strategy is to lead early adoption of IoT and analytics for the rapidly...

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30k asset write-off for small businesses

30k asset write-off for small businesses  SME businesses across the geospatial industry have reason to celebrate following changes to the instant asset write off. The Treasury Laws Amendment (Increasing the Instant Asset Write-Off for Small Business Entities) Bill...

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