Vibration Testing

Your rugged tablet is designed to be mobile. Even if you take the utmost care, most days it will spend time traveling via foot, vehicle, public transport, airplanes or heavy machinery. All of which deliver constant vibration. Even if your tough tablet is assigned to a workstation. All rugged vehicle docks are exposed to vibrations.

That’s why evaluating a rugged mobile PC’s vibration resistance is one of the most important MIL-STD-810G tests run at Zebra. It is also arguably one of the most complicated methods in the entire MIL-STD 810G test series.

Zebra-owned Xplore has been conducting in-house vibration testing since 2007 to improve the performance of vehicle docking. The vibration-tested tablets factor in the rugged mobile PC’s anticipated life-phase, use case (whether used for manufacturing, transportation, operational or supplemental workflows) and likely location of use (in a facility, a certain type of vehicle, etc.) to simulate real-life usage scenarios and determine the intensity levels that can be sustained.

To learn more about the about the vibration testing undertaken by Zebra click here.

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