Eos and the Port of Auckland

At the Port of Auckland in New Zealand, construction is occurring almost daily.

The port sends a field crew to ensure that real on-the-ground construction is occurring according to the designs. To do this, the port uses the Eos Arrow Gold GNSS receiver with RTK capabilities and Esri Collector for ArcGIS. After design changes and updates are published to Collector via ArcGIS Online, a field crew member is sent out 15 minutes later in order to address the physical changes and verify that the construction workers are following the design.

The field crew member brings his Arrow Gold GNSS receiver setup on a rangepole to the construction site. He launches both Eos Tools Pro in the background and then Collector. With Eos Tools Pro he verifies his GNSS field conditions. Then, he walks to the first site of an as built and verifies that what he sees on the ground matches what has been published to Collector via ArcGIS Online.

Just by moving a few steps, the field worker is able to track his position in the Collector app to within centimeters of accuracy. To test this, he positions the tip of his rangepole on the corner of a marked as built. By moving just a little, he is able to verify that the receiver is accurately capturing his location with a high degree of accuracy, even down to the centimeter. All of the location information is being processed in real time, and the field crew member is able to easily report back that the ground conditions match the designs as published in Collector.

You can read the original case study here.

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