Rugged Tablet Actual Cost Webinar

Field service organisations have used a lot of different techniques over the years to communicate with their techs. Everything from dispatch lists on paper that are handed out in the morning, phone calls during the day back and forth between the office and the technicians. The first uses of mobile devices were really either with email or something like Outlook calendar for scheduling. These were all methods which help the right tech get to the right address at the right time. Information about the service visit was written down and then delivered at the end of the day. Back to the office where it was either transcribed into a server or placed into a folder for the customer and the billing input was done.

Today we see two key tasks that are greatly improved by giving mobile devices to field technicians. Efficient dispatch and the real-time recording of what happened during the visit. Now there’s a growth into even more capabilities. Things like online work procedures, the occasional video chat with remote expert selling extended warranties to a customer which enhances revenue opportunities and other additional services. These are something that are possible to be considered once a baseline mobile device is in the hands of technicians in the field. Those organisations considering purchases today, these field organisations they need to work within the budget and their needs.

The best way to meet your goals is to make the right choices up front. This webinar from Zebra will walk you through how to make the best choice for your organisation and how this can result in the lowest total cost of ownership.

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