Arrow Case Study: Australian Cultural Heritage Management


The Australian Cultural Heritage Management (ACHM) is a certified leader in cultural heritage management, they work on archaeological survey assessment, cultural heritage management plans, due diligence ethnographic and other heritage assessments, GIS spatial data capture and many others.

Early on, using a legacy GPS workflow, they faced challenges such as lack of accuracy, costly and hard to use devices, and difficulty in data collection and management.

The Arrow 100® was highly recommended by Peter Terret. They found it simple and easy to use and most importantly it delivers superior accuracy. They finally found the perfect tool they needed – Cultural Management is made easy!

Watch this video presentation of Dr. Shaun Canning, Managing Director of ACHM, as he shares how pleased he and his team are with using Arrow with Esri mobile apps in the Ozri 2020 event.


Read the full case study here.

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