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Bat Conservation Using High-Accuracy GNSS Receivers


The Global Navigation Satellite System (GNSS) was used since the late 1980s by land surveyors primarily for geodetic control networks and photo control. Today, GNSS is used to determine precise locations all over the globe and it is widely used for navigation and positioning in engineering and geoscience applications.

As we discover various applications of GNSS, we also get to know amazing stories. Have you heard about the “Bat-Man” of GIS?

Since childhood, Priyesh Patel has been fascinated by geography and nature. At his previous job in Portland, he first encountered Eos Arrow 100. He was so impressed by how simple, easy to use, and helpful it was in his fieldwork.

In his role as Geospatial Products and Data Manager, he is able to demonstrate his enthusiasm for locating the ideal habitat for bats that will provide these endangered species with higher chances of survival. In Bat Conservation International, they have integrated Eos Arrow with ArcGIS FieldMaps and ArcGIS Survey123 which provided his team with precise location especially in navigating difficult terrain, adding safety to their fieldwork.

He also finds the integration with Esri mobile applications very impressive as it is user-friendly, which saves him time in training first-time users. The Arrow 100 is a perfect tool for optimising his fieldwork.

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