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Image source: https://eos-gnss.com/successes/warren-county-water-district

Transforming Asset Mapping in Water Utilities with Arrow Gold GNSS Receiver


In the ever-evolving landscape of the water utility sector, efficient asset mapping is paramount for streamlined operations, maintenance, and service delivery. Warren County Water District‘s innovative approach to asset mapping serves as a beacon of inspiration, showcasing the transformative power of technology in utility management. By embracing the Eos Arrow Gold GNSS receiver, Warren Water has achieved unparalleled precision in mapping both aboveground and underground assets, marking a significant leap forward in utility infrastructure management.

With over 68,000 underground points meticulously mapped across approx. 82 kilometers of pipe, the implementation of the Arrow Gold receiver has not only revolutionised asset mapping but has also unlocked a multitude of benefits for the sector. The real-time, centimeter-grade accuracy provided by the Arrow Gold enables swift and precise asset location, inspection, and maintenance, thereby minimising downtime and optimising resource allocation. This level of accuracy is particularly crucial for water utilities, where even minor discrepancies in asset location can have significant ramifications for infrastructure integrity and service delivery.

Moreover, the integration of ArcGIS Field Maps and the Arrow Gold receiver empowers utility teams with versatile tools for data collection and analysis, enhancing operational efficiency and decision-making processes. By equipping field crews with the means to navigate directly to assets with pinpoint accuracy, utilities can streamline workflows and bolster response times for service requests and emergency situations. As a result, the utility sector at large stands to benefit from the strategic adoption of cutting-edge technology, driving innovation and excellence in asset management.

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