Indoor Mapping


Given 3D models, 2D floor plans, and Computer Aided Design (CAD) are presently being used to optimise building design, construction, and maintenance productivity. Indoor mapping technologies have been rapidly advancing as a result. At the same time responding to demand for increased safety, productivity, and accuracy.

Given the renewed focus on emergency management. As well as the need to adapt to environmental changes. In order to be resilient enough to handle natural or unnatural crisis.The need for up-to-date and accurate indoor layout information is significantly important. 4D Global recognises the crucial need to determine the ‘as-built’ layout of existing buildings at this time. In order to deliver critical intelligence for all aspects of building management. For instance, security health and safety, maintenance, modernisation, restoration and space utilisation.

For this purpose, we offer indoor mapping technologies that allow you to conduct highly efficient indoor mapping surveys of major infrastructure. Therefore allowing you to map large buildings, such as, schools, universities, airports, hospitals and treatment plants both quickly, and accurately.

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