Applanix CenterPoint

CENTERPOINTRTX – Achieve centimetre level accuracy without using base stations. Post-Processed RTX (PP-RTX) available with POSPac 8!

The Trimble CenterPoint™ RTX™ correction service is a high-accuracy, satellite-delivered global positioning service that is available across Applanix’s entire airborne mapping portfolio. As a Trimble Company, Applanix is unique in the marketplace in its ability to offer this industry-leading performance and reliability.

The Trimble CenterPoint RTX correction service yearly subscription is delivered by L-Band satellite or by the Internet. This breakthrough technology provides high-accuracy GNSS positioning without the use of traditional reference station-based differential RTK infrastructure. Benefit from more uptime, fast initialization, hardware savings, and more. Generate map products faster and with a significantly reduced cost.

PP-RTX (Post-Processed) with POSPAC MMS

Applanix’ POSPac 8 includes PP-RTX, a post-processed implementation of Trimble’s CenterPoint™ RTX™ integrated with our industry-leading IN-Fusion GNSS Aided Inertial processing.

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  • Available across Applanix' entire airborne mapping portfolio
  • No 3rd party involvement whatsoever (Trimble provided)
  • Fast and reliable convergence – 30 minutes or less to full accuracy
  • Satellite-delivered global positioning delivered by L-Band satellite or by the Internet
  • No additional hardware to purchase, integrate or maintain
  • More uptime, fast initialization
  • Very High Accuracy – < 0.1 m RMS Horizontal, < 0.2 m RMS Vertical
  • Fully compatible with the Applanix POSPac™ software


  • Better accuracy and faster production
  • Reduce costs, no need to sign up to GNSS service providers
  • No cost for deploying local base stations in regions without CORS
  • More reliable, no need for ground base set up

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