4D Global Eos Montreal case study

(Image Source: https://eos-gnss.com/successes/case-studies/city-of-montreal)

Arrow Case Study: The City of Montreal

With more than 200,000 ash trees, the City of Montreal is known for its landscape. In 2011 emerald ash borer struck Montreal. Unable to eradicate the beetle, Montreal would need to use pesticides to mitigate the spread. A single dose would last two years. Meaning Montreal could reforest its entire ash tree population, as long as it could treat 25,000 trees per year. The problem was, the city’s legacy workflow solution only allowed for the treatment of 500 trees per year.

Montreal needed a more sophisticated field workflow that eliminated errors, increased the confidence of tree locations, and allowed for greater per-annum treatment of ash trees. Montreal deployed iPads to the field with Esri’s Collector for ArcGIS. The real-time solution instantly standardised data collection, eliminated costly transcription errors, and increased the productivity of field work. But the accuracy of the tree inventory was still not up to par. Aware that Collector could work with more advanced GPS/ GNSS units, Montreal purchased Arrow 100 receivers from Eos Positioning Systems. Using the Arrow 100, Montreal saw a productivity increase of 6,300%. They went from treating 500 trees to 32,000 trees per year.

Read the full case study here: Eos Positioning Systems was awarded the Esri Partner Conference Award in 2019.

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