4D Global mapping in water sector

(Image Source: https://eos-gnss.com/successes/warren-county-water-district)

Real-Time High Accuracy Mapping in the Water Utility Sector


Over the last two decades, Global Positioning System (GPS) (now referred to as GNSS using multiple constellations) use has gradually spread to civilian applications ranging from air traffic management, general sea navigation to general surveying including GIS data capture and mapping.

Today, we can see that water and wastewater service providers are improving productivity and reliability by using high-accuracy GNSS technology, taking advantage of submeter and centimeter locations in their mobile mapping workflows to provide long-term benefits to communities.

Applications of GNSS in the water sector: 

  • Survey and mapping of gravity water supply schemes
  • Maintenance of supply networks – enhanced as all the system components can be easily relocated on the ground using this technology 
  • Improved scheduled maintenance visits
  • Spatial analysis and smart presentation – data integration in GIS
  • Mapping of Sub-surface assets – easily relocated, minimising time and earthworks

For further reading, please see the case study of Eos Positioning Systems on how Warren County Water District streamlined both office and mobile workflows using Eos Arrow Gold GNSS receiver, Esri ArcGIS Field Maps and ArcGIS Survey123. Read the full article here.

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