4D Global Eos underground mapping

(Image Source: https://eos-gnss.com/successes/sheboygan-falls-utilities)

High Accuracy Underground Mapping for Electric Utilities


The industry of power and utilities depends heavily on its assets. The list includes power plants, electrical cables, substations, buildings, people and data.

In order to provide safe, continuous and affordable power, utility asset management is critical to support making better operational decisions. 

Moreover, with the availability of advanced technologies – utility mapping and spatial analysis, electric utilities can now bring mapping in-house and streamline information sharing from the field to the office. Eos GNSS receivers are now widely used by electric professionals to manage assets, map underground utilities, and update the positions of previously installed assets. And more than ever, data collection, analysis and operations are optimised! This results in improved efficiency, lower emissions, more affordable and reliable service for end users. 

To learn more about how Eos Positioning Systems provides electric utilities with submetre and centimetre accurate GNSS receivers, read the full article here.

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