Turning your UAV into a Professional Mapping Solution


One of the biggest benefits of Direct Georeferencing is that you don’t need ground control points (GCPs) for your UAV survey, as the georeferencing step is completed using a fully integrated and calibrated GNSS receiver for positional data and an inertial system (i.e. IMU) for orientation data. With position and orientation data assigned to each pixel or point, the image data can be accurately placed on the ground without GCPs. This is a huge time and money saver!

Essentially, Direct Georeferencing or DG directly measures the position and orientation of an airborne mapping sensor, such as a digital camera or a laser scanner. Thereby making it possible to assign a geographical location on the earth to a pixel from a camera image or a digital point from a laser, without the need for ground control points or any additional measurements referencing the ground.

Direct Georeferencing for UAV Platforms has been well-proven in a variety of industries including, agriculture, corridor mapping as with pipelines, railways, and power lines, as well as in mining/geology, rapid response, and inspection.

Components of A Direct Georeferencing System:

  1. High performance multi-frequency, multi-constellation survey grade GNSS receiver
  2. Inertial Measurement Unit (IMU)
  3. High performance, low noise GNSS antenna
  4. Real-time and post-processing Software. See POSPac UAV
  5. GNSS augmentation system for cm level positioning accuracy.

Any of the sensors below, used with Applanix DG for UAV products, will transform your UAV into a professional mapping solution:

· High-Resolution Digital Camera


· Multispectral

· Hyperspectral

· Thermal

Trimble’s Applanix solution offers survey-grade positioning and orientation technology that is made to georeference LiDAR and other image data when it is gathered from a UAV platform.

4D Global is an authorised reseller for Trimble Applanix in Australia. For more information on survey and mapping solutions, contact us today!

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