Eos Positioning Systems Announces Supporting Galileo HAS 4D Global
(Image Source: https://eos-gnss.com/press-releases/galileo-high-accuracy-service)

Eos Arrow Gold+ Now Supporting 20cm Accuracy Using Galileo HAS


Eos Positioning Systems, Inc. has made a groundbreaking announcement, stating that their Arrow Gold+™ GNSS receiver is the first in the GIS market to support the new Galileo High-Accuracy Initial Service (Galileo HAS), thereby offering free and readily available 20 centimetre accuracy worldwide.

Presently, the Arrow Gold+ stands alone as the sole high-precision GNSS receiver designed exclusively for the GIS market, with the exceptional capability to incorporate and support the Galileo HAS.

For existing Arrow Gold+ users, a firmware upgrade is available to enable the utilization of Galileo HAS without any additional cost. Please contact Eos technical support to request this upgrade.

Contact us if you are interested in taking advantage of Galileo HAS today!

See the full article of Eos Positioning Systems, Inc. announcement here.

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