Applanix Direct Georeferencing for UAVs

Applanix Direct Georeferencing for UAVs – Everything you need to turn your UAV into a professional mapping solution.

Reduce cost and improve efficiency of aerial survey from UAVs with Direct Georeferencing!


DG is used with cameras, LIDAR, and hyperspectral sensors on UAV’s for highly-efficient, automated mapping and surveying.  Reduces – or even eliminates – GCPs, and reduces flight time and processing time required for generating final map products.  The APX-UAV Product Line:

APX-15 UAV*: Single board GNSS-Inertial solution for DG from small UAVS

APX-15 EI UAV: Support for an external IMU for gimballed platforms

APX-18 UAV: Dual GNSS antenna configuration for low speeds/hovering, LiDAR

APX-20 UAV: External IMU for highest accuracy and higher altitude mapping

*Available with UASMaster.

Trimble GNSS Smart Target Base Station

An easy to use, survey grade multi-frequency, multi-constellation GNSS reference station with a foam Ground Control Target and integrated carrying case.


GNSS-aided inertial post-processing software for georeferencing data from the Trimble APX series of board sets.

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  • Small, lightweight and low-power GNSS-inertial components
  • Full real-time and post-mission position and orientation solutions for direct georeferencing of mapping sensors
  • Compact single-board OEM modules complete with low-noise, survey-grade multi-frequency, multi-constellation GNSS receiver and MEMS inertial components
  • Direct georeferencing capability means no need to survey ground control points
  • Compatible with all types of mapping sensors: cameras, LiDAR, SAR, Hyperspectral, Thermal, NIR
  • Supports multi-sensor payloads and stabilized (gimballed) mounts
  • Supports all common corrections such as CMR, CMR+, RTCM
  • Industry-leading Applanix IN-Fusion™ GNSS-Inertial and SmartCal™ compensation technology for superior position and orientation performance
  • POSPac UAV Differential GNSS Inertial post-processing software for highest accuracy map products
  • Automatic survey of base station coordinates using Trimble Centerpoint™ RTX™ service
  • Applanix SmartBase™ Cloud service for mapping without dedicated base stations (where available)
  • Automatically bridge GNSS or RTK correction outages
  • Built-in datum and projection transformation
  • Seamless support for Trimble Inpho UASMaster Photogrammetry Software
  • High accuracy time tagging of mapping sensor data to common time base


  • Easy installation and deployment: more time in the field, less time in the office
  • Ultra-fast delivery:  produce accurate map products within minutes of flying a mission
  • Save time and money by reducing or eliminating GCP’s (Ground Control Points)
  • Maximize productivity by reducing sidelap requirements; fly more area per mission
  • Obtain consistent, reliable, highly accurate mapping-grade results – robust centimeter level positioning accuracy in real-time and post-mission
  • Simplified data fusion through high accuracy time stamping

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